Vehicle Health Check

Is your vehicle as healthy as it should be?

Is your vehicle running as well as it should be?

If you think your vehicle is not running as well as it should be our experienced technicians can carry out a free 28-point visual health check of your vehicle.

What is a Visual Health Check (VHC)?

A VHC is the visual inspection of tyres, brakes , exhaust, steering, wipers and exterior lights alongside a check on the key fluids.

Our technicians will provide you with an easy to read report of the inspection, identifying any items checked that require either immediate or future attention.


Each item is classified as either green, amber or red.

  • GREEN   This appears/is in good condition and should not require attention before your annual service.
  • AMBER  This requires attention,  not absolutely essential straight away but before your next annual service.
  • RED        This requires immediate attention and recommend repair or replacement as a matter of urgency.

Available on request at our Holme Lane, Sharrowvale Road and Mosborough branches only.